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P4 Behavioural Management Program

This two day program provides a solid base upon which Montessori for Dementia can be built. Without a solid understanding of dementia and the triggers for behaviours of unmet need the application and success of Montessori for Dementia may be limited. With aggression being one of the major Occupational Health & Safety concerns in aged care, P4 is valuable as a training program to reduce the incidence of both aggression and other behaviours of unmet need.

Prevent… initiation or escalation of aggression and /or other behaviours of unmet needs for the PERSON.

Plan…strategies and interventions for the management of aggression and /or other behaviours of unmet need for the PERSON.

Protect….staff, residents and others from the results of aggression and/or other behaviours of unmet need displayed bythe PERSON.

P4 is an extension of the P3 Assault Management Program that has been trained throughout Australia for the past 20 years.  P3 has been the assault management program of choice for many areas of health and human services including acute care, mental health and disability services.  The progression to the P4 Program for aged care reflects the importance of a person centred approach in all care practices as well as the management of BPSD.

P4 can be modified to suit specific training needs to ensure desirable outcomes for the organisation.

Training workshops are scheduled regularly around Australia. Please contact Montessori for Dementia Australia if you would like more information on the P4 Behavioural Management Program for Aged Care.

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