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Certification Details

Participants in the two day Montessori Environments training workshop can receive certification with International Montessori for Elders if they wish to.

To receive certification you must have completed a 2-day workshop on Montessori Environments within the last 2 years. If you took the workshop more than 2 years ago please contact Montessori for Dementia Australia to discuss eligibility.

What does one have to do to become Certified with International Montessori for Elders?

  1. Take the 2-day workshop on Montessori Environments.
  2. Print the templates for Montessori for Dementia Certification.
  3. Find 2 people living with dementia and for each person you need to develop an activity and role. You need to work with each person for a minimum of 10 sessions each.  You also need to complete the paper work for each person with whom you work and record lessons learned. You need to provide video evidence of your adherence to Montessori principles. All reports and video footage is confidential. To ensure anonymity please use initials of the person’s name rather than full name.
  4. Once you have completed all of your interactions and completed all documentation write a short (1-2 page) report that reflects your overall experience.
  5. All assessment tasks need to be forwarded to Montessori for Dementia Australia for final assessment.
  6. Results: Your final results will be communicated to you after everything has been graded. Certification results are based on a “Successful” or “Re-do” grading system. If you do not meet the standards for Certification you will be asked to read through the comments provided and re-submit.

Please contact Montessori for Dementia Australia if you require further details on the certification process.

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